Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Large, bold patterns at ARTastic!

Here’s my CT-layout for ARTastic this month:
The challenge is to get inspired by this artwork by canvas and body artist Emma Hack. This month criterion is to “go wild with large bold patterns”. You can use patterned paper or paint – it’s your choice.

I sprayed some ink over a mask that was actually some kind of metal decoration not made for scrapbooking. I then used Pan Pastel to color both inside and outside the “branch”. Finally I cut out and fastened some “leaves” using different patterned papers.
Here are some close-ups:

The story says that DD like to pose with different crazy expressions (photos top left). One day I asked her if she couldn’t have a cute expression – and she could (bottom right). But I immediately regret it because I think she is much cuter with those expressions that come spontaneously from her.
Thanks for looking!!! Have a nice week!


  1. The colours you have used Helene provide a terrific livliness to your page. I agree with you about the spontaneous photos being the best but I bet it is hard to have your gorgeous little one stand still!

  2. This is gorgeous Helene. I really love what you have done with that flower - what an amazing effect!

  3. She is very cute Helene.
    This is a stunning layout, fantastic patterns used for your masking!

  4. How creative is this!
    I love the background and all this explosion of color. :)


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