Saturday, 21 June 2014


This layout is made for a challenge at Allt Om Scrap where we were supposed to create something using coloured wire. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any in any of my favourite web shops so I was forced to be creative. What to do? I found some wire with green plastic that I use in our garden… and it worked perfectly. As you can see I used it to form the word Lego, which is the name of the toy our daughter is playing with in the photo.

This time I added gesso on my background using a template before adding water colour. That creates a pattern on the background. I had a hard time blending different water colours to achieve the exact shade for the background – the same as our daughter’s trousers on the photo. And when I finally managed I was a bit proud. But that is what I love about water colours – you don’t have to buy every shade because you can blend it yourself. :) Here is a close up:
Thanks for stopping by! Next time I will show some photos of how I created my background (I finally remembered to take some photos.) Until then… take care and enjoy Life!


  1. Wow - I absolutely love that wire title!!

  2. This turned out wonderfully! Your wire title looks so cool!!

  3. Love the simplicity here; embellishments chosen by you to tell this story.
    The title I really love.

  4. The wire title is super cool Helene ...I absolutely love this page!


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