Thursday, 7 March 2013

She doesn’t like unknown photographers

There’s a new challenge up at ARTastic! This month the criteria is portrait photograph. As I love to do layouts that tells a story I did a layout about DD saying that she doesn’t like to be photographed by strangers. All three photos are taken at her kindergarten by a professional photographer. When she was two years old she looked terrified. When she was three she didn’t want to look at the photographer at all. When she was four she was a big girl and did what she was told but she didn’t like it and she didn’t smile no matter how they tried… Quite fun to save on a layout as it captures her personality. (If you visit here regularly you know how happy and cheerful she looks when it's me who's behind the camera...)

Challenge picture: Julia Sattout, Girl in pink
I wanted the layout to look a bit like a billboard so I chose a cork-patterned paper as a background. I added some gesso, ink spray and acrylic paint. I also stamped a lot of cameras.
I hope you want to play along!! Thanks for looking!!! Take care!


  1. OH what a great story behind your layout. Lovely to see the changes in her through her kindy years. Love the cute pigtails!

  2. Ohh, my ...
    I really enjoyed this Helene.
    The cork background is fantastic and the whole composition layered under the photo. LOVE
    Big Hug.

  3. A really lovely LO and the photo story is great fun to read. She looks so cute on all of the pictures. Love the use of washi tape and how you stuck the
    photos to the page with a small stip at the top
    Ha en fin, fin helg :)

  4. Just love this layout, the whole design and the pics of your dd are just beautiful, she is just like her mum, love the use of the washi, annd thank you so much for your encouraging words, off to upload my ArTastic layout, so glad to see you again. Gorgeous work. Melx

  5. I know just how she feels! I have one and only one photo of my son with Santa. Even now as an adult he avoids them????
    Love your story and the photos too. Your layouts always make me smaile as they tell your lovely personala stories.

  6. I love the memory you have captured here!!! Very very cool. I love your layout - so brilliant! I can TOTALLY see the inspiration here drawn from the painting. Amazing work.

  7. Hi Helene! Today I wanted to pass on the Liebster Award to you and your blog. You are an amazing talent and completely deserve this small appreciation. Please see my blog post for the details. Cheers Di xo


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